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Our Services

Outdoor Catering Services

Gharana caterer is a premier in providing outdoor catering services across the Eastern region of India for over a decade. We are the best outdoor caterer as we provide delicious food at a reasonable rate.

We are open to serve you in three ways rather there are three options by which our esteemed clients can choose.

Pick up from Kitchen
While customers are in a hurry, they can pick up their stuffs from our kitchen directly.

Full Service
We provide skilled grill chefs plus a full catering staff to help you enjoy your outdoor event.

Unbox your happiness
If you are on the way to optimize your catering experience, needing to do so within a specific budget, we have a solution just for you!
We can assist you with any outdoor catering services you need Contact Us for All of Your Outdoor Catering needs Call us at +919830170287 for your next outdoor catering event!

Corporate Catering Services

Time is not constant but our rich tradition of excellent quality which is coupled with warm and friendly service has remained the same. We are specialist in wide array of foods of diverse culinary and we cater into the different verticals of social as well as large corporate events. At Gharana, corporate catering services and event planning includes a broad range of event styles accommodating up to a large number of guests. Plans are made for your corporate lunch or all-day seminar in an easy manner. From gala events and fundraisers to boxed lunches, cocktail parties, media events and seated dinners, our assistance surely make you feel good as we help you with all aspects of planning to a great extent.

What's More!
Well our experienced chef(s) ensure(s) each menu is tailored in such a way that it perfectly suit your needs.

For more information, please call +919830170287 or email us at gharana_catt07@yahoo.co.in

Restaurant & Home Delivery Services

Gharana Caterer has been grown and we the people behind it also learned a lot – about delivery, restaurant operations, and our food: what our customers want, what delivers well and what does not. This is the ground we have decided to go beyond our existing ventures and we have kicked off for a new home delivery services.

There are a good number of reasons we’ve made this decision. Though we are a firm believer of power of delivery, we also identify through our experience that not everyone is able to, or keen for order delivery. This is the reason we have opened our downtown kitchen for pick-up and take-out so that anyone can enjoy. Apart from functioning as an outdoor caterer we are on the way to excel in restaurant and home delivery services. We are looking for your continuous patronage.