Learn the tips to avoid cooking flaws from best caterer in kolkata

A bit of wrongdoing makes your cooked dish into a sorry state of affair. Nobody wants this to happen when you are the host as this will mark you in a low note specially to your near and dear ones. Best caterer in Kolkata that is why shared some tips which will eventually benefits you a lot.
Here are the tips shared by the best caterer in Kolkata Never rely the recipe in sum

A recipe helps to make a dish perfect but you should not rely on it entirely as we used to overlook the important detail. This makes faux pas in the cooking. Like adding cold butter into the batter may create a dry cake. If you fails for the onions to be fully cooked and add tomatoes into the sauce the spaghetti will not be crunchy. Do not overcrowd your pan Putting a cover on the pan fully will make the heat intact and that will be resulted a lot of steam inside the pan over times. Use at least a couple of pans instead of just one. However feel free to cook in batches.

Do not forget to Preheat the Pan

The pan’s surface should be hot enough to brown the food and seal in the juices. The stuff in the pan will stick to it if it’s not hot enough. Therefore, it’s very much important to preheat your pan for a few minutes prior to pour the cooking oil. It will be ideal to check whether the pan is hot enough or not you may sprinkle a couple of drops of water on the pan. Check whether the water evaporates quickly or not, if it evaporates feel free to proceed further.

Using too little water

Food, when you put in a boiling pot, lowers the water temperatures right away. If you put food in excess, the water won’t boil. As a result, the spaghetti will be tasteless as it will be starchy. So, it is recommended to use a good deal of water. In other words, the food should float in the pan. Typically, you may want to use a minimum of 5-quart pot for just a pound of paste. Keep a watch that the water is boiling.

Use oil that is not hot enough

It does not matter whether you are deep-frying or pan-frying, make always sure that the temperature of the oil is at least 350 F or even more. If the temperature is lower than that, the food will become greasy and heavy.

So, use only the oil that has a high smoking point. Only thing you have to make sure is make the oil hot enough before you put food in it. Peanut or Sunflower will be the ideal in these case as per the best caterer in Kolkata.

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