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Catering services in Kolkata has a long tradition. If one goes to organize a gala event be it social or corporate, there are many aspects. In Indian society religious event is also a very big one. Budgetary allocation is therefore a must to conduct the same. Dining is one of the core areas if not the prime one. Hence it is very much necessary to give the responsibility to a trusted catering service.

It is true the range and quality of catering services in Kolkata varies. As a prominent place the city is quite competitive. Ample number of choices make it really difficult to the organizer to choose the right caterer though. Standard of service is certainly one of the parameters apart from highly experienced caterers with diligent staffs. Sensing the same, locating a company subject to the availability in and around the city is a tough job. Hopefully, there are steps to be kept in mind which will eventually save the precious time and without a lot of stress.

Reputation plays a pivotal role to choose a caterer and it (read reputation) will come only after one has sufficient experience. A standard caterer offers traditional Indian cuisine with some excellent choice of the international delicacies like Lebanese, Thai, Italian dishes made using the finest ingredients by quality chefs.

Not all catering services in Kolkata can offer to provide the wide range of banqueting menus gharana caterer is famous for. They do cater for any event- weddings and family/social gatherings apart from managing corporate and business banquets. It also deliver quality foods for the meetings.

If you are specifically looking for catering services in Kolkata, gharana caterer is able to deliver catering services across the city. Individuality and competence are our true fortes and we provide them at a price which is both reasonable and at par to the quality of service we offer.

We have a pool of qualified chefs, who came from diverse cooking verticals, with many years’ experience so you’ll be safe in our hands. Nonetheless to say we predominately supply wedding catering & wedding event management services, we are also available for dinner parties, birthday parties, barbecue catering, office catering, Christmas party catering, etc. apart from private dining.

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